Coming Soon: The 2020 Tech Top 10 List

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I’ve received over a dozen inquiries in the last few weeks wondering if the Tech Top 10 List will continue to come out and I wanted to assure readers that

YES, it most certainly will!

The list comes out in the second week of December each year – and this year will be no different. So stay tuned for all of the wild and wonderous tech that deserves your attention and discussion.

If you’d like to see just a bit of my public writing on tech ethics, you can click here for my Forbes column, where I address new issues that come up throughout the year. 

To say it’s been a big year for tech and tech ethics would be an understatement. These days, everyone fancies themselves a tech ethicist if they have an opinion and a venue. While it’s been tiring to wade through all the noise, it’s also been exciting to see so many people trying to be thoughtful about these issues – ones we were ignoring just a year ago. But it’s also important to remember that ethics is a field of study, not a set of opinions.

For those of you who are waiting for old entries to be updated, I hear you! Each entry is still a relic of its time. But as you might imagine, writing about tech ethics can keep a person very busy, so my other writing has taken precedence over this volunteer effort.

As always, if you have questions about the list or want to make a recommendation about a topic, feel free to contact me (Dr. Jessica Baron) at
(But please note, we do not take suggestions for links to your own site unless you’re using our list in your work. We can’t wade through PR solicitations and link-building tactics and still respond to actual readers!)

See you in a few weeks with 10 exciting new topics!

Dr. Jessica Baron

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