Would you like to donate?

If you’re reading this page, I’d just like to say thank you for even considering a donation/gift. So many people assume that good information is free, but it never is.

This process of giving to the Top 10 List will become easier and more official in the next few months, but if you’re in the giving spirit now and want to help out, here are some things you need to know first:

  • I have a healthy fear of the IRS and aim to make this process as transparent as humanly possible to them.
  • The list is not yet a non-profit entity, though it will be in a few months.
  • This means any money you give before it becomes a non-profit will go directly to me, Dr. Jessica Baron, the author of this site and maintainer of the domain.
  • I cannot, personally, provide you with anything but a thank-you card at the moment, and therefore this is not a tax write-off. It must be considered simply a gift.
  • Unfortunately, while I can and will formally thank you and tell you what part of the site or its construction your donation will go towards building or maintaining, giving right now will require you to trust me.
  • If I could make it more transparent, I would (and soon, I will!). There are really disappointing scams all over the Internet and people often end up giving money that ends up in the wrong hands. I’m not interested in taking your money for anything but maintaining and improving this site.
  • If you’re concerned about this, that’s totally understandable! Hold tight and wait for the official non-profit donation page to appear in a few months. Then, we’ll be able to provide you with official documentation and everything you need to get a tax write-off.

For you trusting and wonderful people who would like to donate now, knowing all of this, the easiest way to do so is via PayPal by clicking this link. This will avoid fees so all of your money goes towards the Top 10 List project. (You don’t need PayPal to donate, but if you prefer another method, e-mail me at jessicalbaron@me.com and we’ll figure it out!)

To give you an idea of where your money will go, here are some examples of current and near-future expenses:

  • Web hosting fees
  • Domain names
  • Subscriptions to online news sites for research
  • Training for building web resources and videos I plan to add to the site
  • A dedicated e-mail account
  • Online IT support for when the website doesn’t do what it’s supposed to
  • Subscriptions for services like Canva, that allow me to make things pretty
  • Repairs to equipment I use to create the site (but no new, fancy computers or cameras or anything unnecessary)

If these services are covered and more money comes in than I need, new donations will be put into a high-interest savings account and used later for future site expenses.

I do not take any of the donation money (unless someone, like my mother, VERY explicitly insists) for a salary or reward of any kind.