Welcome to the 2019 Tech Top 10 List

Formerly known as the Reilly Top 10 List

Update: The TechTop10 List is thrilled to grow its international audience in conjunction with Brazil’s top weekly news magazine, Época. Click here to read my interview (in Portuguese, though you can use Google Translate for a mediocre translation). They will be translating an item on the list for Brazilians each week!

Nothing about the Top 10 list has changed. Our new logo and name are simply a result of the Reilly Center ending its outreach efforts.

The list is and always has been authored by one person (with some help along the way), Dr. Jessica Baron. Now that I no longer produce the list in conjunction with the center, it made sense to change the name.

This year’s list includes a wide range of technologies affecting everything from our children to our food supply. It brings up issues about privacy, sustainability, the right to experiment on your own body, and the right to die.

And as always, it’s not designed to scare people away from the future, but rather raise awareness of new technology and some of the ethical, legal, and social issues we need to be aware of if we’re going to make good decisions about our futures.

So many of us (myself included) are keen to make our lives easier by using new technology to help us stay connected, save time, energy, and money, and maximize our physical and emotional energy. But because companies make it hard to understand what they get in return, we end up handing over our private information and autonomy to corporate entities.

Of course, not all corporations aim to harm you. These technologies were all developed to solve a problem and improve our lives. We often fail to understand that wonderful new things cost money to produce, and our unwillingness to pay for information, apps, or upgrades often means that we trade our information in return.

Public awareness is the first step toward taking control of our lives. As you’ll see from this year’s list, there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself, your family, and the world around you if you just take the time to ask questions.

Click here for the 2019 Top 10 List of Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Issues in Science and Technology!

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