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Next week, the SEVENTH Top 10 list will be revealed. First, while you might be worried that I’m about to announce changes that will irk you, I’d like to say that’s not going to happen. Nothing you know or love or find useful about the list is going to change.

For seven years, the list has been run, managed, and written by just one person (with occasional help from colleagues and students at the University of Notre Dame): that person is me – Dr. Jessica Baron. You can find out more about me on my website or read my column on I have a Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science and my specialty is writing about science, technology, and medicine for a broad, non-specialist audience. I’m a writer, speaker, and sometimes professor and would always be happy to hear from you at

While neither I, nor the list, have a connection to Notre Dame anymore, I will still be producing it every year, as usual (and calling on an even bigger base of friends, students, and colleagues to help).

And I’ll be making a few changes to help the project grow:

  • Starting in January, I’ll actually be updating old entries instead of just promising I would. Old pages will remain for citation purposes, but now readers will have more current resources as well.
  • The site will host resources for teachers. There’s no way I would have continued to do the work required to write and post the list for this long if it hadn’t been for the teachers and students (from middle school to university!) around the world who have written to say thanks, help fix a typo, or suggested resources.
  • We will also be hosting Amazon affiliate links. Any time you see a link to a book or product on Amazon (and we promise they’ll only be things that we’re referring to in the entries anyway, never ads!) you can click the link and a small portion of your purchase will go towards maintaining the list.
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